Fear is the Root of Your Problems

Every problem you or I have (and they are many, small and large), is rooted in fear.

Our Deepest Fear

For some, that might seem obvious: the question is how to beat the fears. For others, it’s not so self-evident: why are my financial or relationship or procrastination problems caused by fear?

Let’s tackle both questions — the Why and the How.

First the Why: think about each problem you have, and then think about why you have the problem. Or why you aren’t able to solve it.

A few examples:

9 Things great leaders do

Over the years, i have been really fortunate to work with and learn about leadership from some amazing leaders. These leaders whether they were running small family run businesses or whether they were running some of the largest retailers in the world, taught me the following 9 behaviours that i believe that all business leaders should try to emulate:

9 Things Great Leaders Do

Why you say yes when you mean no and what you can do about it

Why you say yes when you mean no

In a previous job, one of my team members told me during a performance appraisal where we were discussing her inability to say no – despite the fact that she was overloaded with work “I was afraid to say no because I thought that i would lose my colleagues respect if I did. But then i realised that i had no respect, because no one trusted me to finish work”